1955, a magical year in athletics, and in particular in the history of Hungarian athletics. 

With the leadership of world renowned coach Mihály Iglói, a fantastic and unique 4 member-team of track and field runners (Sándor Iharos, István Rózsavölgyi, László Tabor ad Ferenc Mikes) ran countless world records between 1954 and 1956. 

Sándor Iharos alone, broke seven world records in 14 months in 1955 and 1956. 

From May 14, 1955, to July 16, 1956, Mr. Iharos set world records for 1,500 meters (3 minutes 40.8 seconds), 3,000 meters (7:55.6), two miles (8:33.4), three miles (13:14.2), 5,000 meters (13:40.6), six mil's (27:43.8) and 10,000 meters (28:42.8). The 10,000-meter record came in his first race at that distance. 

Altogether he set 11 world records, and he ranked with compatriots Laszlo Tabori and Istvan Rozsavolgyi among the world's elite runners for good.

Proud of its home country and honoring this unrepeated success and historical years, Runnable has designed and proudly produced a special collection named "1955".